Communication Design, completing Public Relations

With the expansion of MEDIENKONTOR’s activities and experience thereof, comes the realization that communication also needs to be visual. As a consequence, MEDIENKONTOR has decided to also embrace Communication Design strengthening thus the already high-quality services we offer.

The new Communication Design services follow the exact same philosophy as the core Public Relations business and that is the cooperative mind set. We rely on local and highly efficient partners to deliver the most advanced but cost-effective solutions in the area of visual identity.

The Communication Design Services in detail

Besides the already existing offline and online content development services offered by MEDIENKONTOR, we also specialize in dedicated Corporate Design and Visual Identity works such as:

  • Corporate identity strategy (Logo Development, Branding, Brand Strategy)
  • Naming and logo development or refresh
  • Print communications (stationery, brochures, flyers, banners)
  • Corporate signage (offices, fleet)
  • Corporate clothing

Among our existing clients you can find:

  • The meeco Group
  • Dresdner WEITSICHT
  • Kunsthof Maxen
  • World in Balance Enterprises
  • Münch Motorbikes
  • PV Energy Ltd
  • SeaBis riding equipment

Are we the ones for you? Let us examine your current logo and materials and we will provide you with our Visual Identity State Survey (VISS) in no time.

Questions on Communication Design? Do no hesitate to contact us.


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