Editing Services - The Final Touch to Your Texts

Publications always deliver a company’s style, experience and professionalism. Client texts, no matter if they are used for mailings, reports or brochures, receive the inevitable accuracy or in case of further requests a complete restructuring in our company.

Text and Content

No matter for what purpose, when it comes to text and content generation, MEDIENKONTOR can help its clients with almost every request. We write, edit, compose, cite, reorganise, correct and improve. In close collaboration with our customers, we compose and perfect writings for brochures, letters, speeches, reports, mailing, books, articles, interviews, web pages, blogs and much more.

Speeches and Lectures

Your time is rare, the topic is difficult to communicate on or you are just missing the right expression – we, MEDIENKONTOR can support you with the composition of speeches and lectures. We even develop complete speeches in close cooperation with our clients. By using adequate quotes and a speech-friendly layout, nothing can get in the way of giving an entertaining yet informative speech.

Online Editorial Services

A company’s online presentation has become an essential device to control brand perception.  In the early ages people already learned to use the internet to receive information prior to their actual release in the traditional media channels such as newspapers. Nowadays having a web presence is not only a way of presenting your company but also stands for the store sign of your company, organisation or institution.

MEDIENKONTOR supports its clients with the establishment of such a store sign. In close cooperation with our partners we implement integrated web presentations. Starting with the conception and design, followed by the creation of the (multilingual) contents to the point of the constant maintenance of contents MEDIENKONTOR makes sure to always present its customers in the best way possible.

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