Event Management

Do you want to present your company to the public and at the same time know that you are always making the right decisions? MEDIENKONTOR supports you with all of your intentions. Thanks to our experienced event management team, MEDIENKONTOR avouches for a successful event and furthermore, takes care of the media briefing for you.

The successful series “Medien-Lounge” which is organised and moderated by MEDIENKONTOR represents a venue for all people who work in the media industry. It not only guarantees numerous press releases but also sees to it that the host gets the chance to socialise with possible new business clients. Due to the event’s popularity, we were able to expand this unique event to other regions in Saxony and Thuringia. We are also prepared to develop a concept for an individual event with our customers.


Press Releases

Farce um Imprägnierungen

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Komplott im Hasenbau der Sächsischen Schweiz

Landschaftstheater SandsteinSpiele bringt ab 19. August den "Rasselbock“ in die Natur

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