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MEDIENKONTOR offers strategic advice in communications, media and sponsoring. The content of advice is always adjusted to the need of the regionally as well as globally operating companies. Arising from the precise consultancy are the clearly defined tasks and goals for the cooperation.

Communication Consulting

Together with its clients, MEDIENKONTOR develops communication targets for internal and external company presentations. Furthermore, it plans the implementation of these targets in close cooperation with all involved parties. To develop a pinpoint communication strategy and enhance the customers success, it is most crucial to take into consideration the special characteristics and resulting needs of each stakeholder.

Media Consulting

Based on experience, MEDIENKONTOR discusses with its clients which project, success story or request are best to position oneself in the public. Specific dates or occasions oftentimes represent an adequate opportunity to release individual topics. MEDIENKONTOR knows these dates and occasions as well as the media proceedings and makes sure to create the ideal customer presentation through purposeful released announcements.


For MEDIENKONTOR the ambition to function as a sponsor or charitable business is equal to the selection of adequate projects which underline the clients’ messages and help to make the clients well known in the public.

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