Successful Public Relations thanks to External Press Office

Functioning as an external press office, MEDIENKONTOR guarantees the best presentation of your company in the public and the media. For medium-sized businesses it oftentimes is not profitable to have an integrated press office. By using MEDIENKONTOR as an external press office, we make sure to handle all of your PR requests with the greatest expertise that can be provided via the company’s competences.

Press Concepts

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To ensure the most effective business presentation, MEDIENKONTOR develops media concepts and implements them in close cooperation with the clients. These concepts involve the determination of communication goals, their target audience and the appropriate media channels. In order to generate an advantage for our customers, we are very eager to define these goals on a very detailed level and collaborate with our customers throughout the whole implementation process.

Press Conferences and Colloquy

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To address one’s concerns directly to a media representative can oftentimes be very rewarding and is a good way to improve the collaboration between journalist and client. We take care of the inevitable atmosphere, professional moderation and the above all crucial maintenance of public relations beyond the actual press conference.

Press Releases

MEDIENKONTOR uses journalistically prepared texts to inform journalists and media representatives about the concerns and requests of its customers. To ensure a most effective result the agency’s distribution line contributes all relevant media channels in the field of press, radio, television and internet. In combination with personal contacts to other editorial offices and numerous independent journalists we are capable to achieve your pre-set communication targets for you.

Media Surveillance

To supervise if, when and where MEDIENKONTOR releases announcements on behalf of its customers it is possible to instruct an external clipping service. If you would like to benefit from such a service, MEDIENKONTOR can provide you with an special price offer.

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Press Releases

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